Brittany Anderson

Certified health & Life Mastery Coach

Certified functional nutritionist

Amare REFERRAL Partner

My Story

The day I became a woman at age 11. I remember it very vividly that I was watching my mom get ready for work in her bathroom and felt odd. I went to the toilet to pee and when I went to wipe from the front I saw it, the blood and I cried.


From age 11-13 was the worst experience of my period that I will never forget. The cramping was so painful I truly could not sit up straight or even focus. The flow of my period was ridiculous heavy that I had to use my moms super plus tampons & wear huge pads that felt like diapers. The solution that my doctor suggested to my mom was put me on birth control. It worked, until my 20's.


In my early 20's I started experiencing painful UTI's & irritating Yeast Infections. I was prescribe Antibiotics & Anti-Fungal medication. Thought my problems were over, until I started having recurring UTI's & Yeast Infections a year later, every month. Medications were no longer working for me. I was happy to finally get a handle on my UTI's but it seemed to just replace them with Bacterial Vaginosis (BV). Things began to get worse, I was having extreme pain in my stomach and was struggling with keeping certain foods down. On top of that my period pain was back. I decided to get on Mirena IUD, as I was informed by the doctor that it would stop my periods. It worked, until my early 30's.

WhyFeminine Wellness Coach

My story or rather my own healing journey lead me into studying about my body, how it works and thrives. I love talking about wellness with family and friends. It wasn't until COVID hit the US and I was let go from my corp job, that I truly took a moment to think what do I really want to do. I came across coaching by random on Google. The only coaching I knew of was sport coaches. I decided to click on it to learn more and was very surprised to learn the EMPOWERMENT a coach can have on peoples lives & well-being.

In my healing journey I thought I was the only one struggling with my vaginal health. It wasn't until I embodied this new wellness life that I found out there are millions of women who are battling with their own vaginal health.  

It was clear that women's health was not being properly diagnosed or treated. This made me angry and sad. Have gone through this myself and learned methods that changed my relationship to my body and vagina, not to mention actually heal, gave me the POWER to guide other women.